October Wrap Up 2021

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Netflix To Watch

One Year On Testosterone!

Off The Topic Thursdays/ Learning To Say No

Sweater Weather and Read-A-Thon


Top Ten Tuesdays/ Bookish Pet Peeves

My Life Right Now

Pumpkins Facts Part 1

Sleeping To The World Part 1

Well, the best way to describe this month is I’m glad it’s nearly over. Since that week when I got pretty sick, and yes, I got tested for a few things at the ER, including covid, but the tests came back negative, so we still don’t know what I had. I have been in my lower abdominal, and it feels like gas trapped since I can’t move or walk like an average human, but I will talk about it with my doctor and see if there is anything I can do.

As I already said a few days ago, I hit the one year mark on hormones, and yes, I have seen physical changes, don’t get me wrong, because the way I said it in my last post might sound like I didn’t. However, the most significant changes I had were in my thought process about myself and my mental health.

When it comes to books and reading, I have a few plans like always; right now, I’m reading the biggest books on my TBR page-wise, and by the time I get this one posted, I hope to have just 30 novels to read for November. Today is Friday for me, which means to make it to 30, I need to read five books by Monday. By the way, my main plans for next month are Readathin and Poetry Month. If I have any time left, I will start another writing project.



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