My Thoughts On House Of Secrets

My current life has been pretty busy with work and my giant TBR. I have been trying to blog anytime I can. Although, a few days ago, I was a bit out of it, and I just couldn’t with reading or writing. So, I got on Netflix on the hunt for something to watch. I found the 3-part true crime documentary House of Secrets that came out this year.

The way it starts, I must say, was bone-chilling with the neighbour finding 11 members of The Burari hanging from the ceiling. The series dives into the different theories that this cast created, and I think one of the most significant events was that there was a trial by the media on anyone involved, especially the police, who I believe wasn’t equipped to deal with this kind of crime.

Banyan Tree, Honolulu, Hawaii, Brown Tree

Oh, I have forgotten to point out something that turned out to be the key to solving the puzzle in the end. The first theory was that the family was robbed and killed by hanging. When looking at the crime scene photos, you can still see valuable stuff at the house, so to me, something didn’t click there. All members had their eyes and ears coved apart from their hands being tied behind their backs, which made the robbery motive less likely to be the case.

Eyes, Girl, Indian, Bindi, Indian Woman, Portrait

Another puzzle piece was a CCV camera near the house that showed only the family entering and exiting in the last hours before everything happened. I don’t want to spoil the whole show, and in my opinion, it is perfect for fans of mystery and true crime.


Both Images are from Pixabay


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