Pumpkins Facts Part 1

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With the start of fall, also known as autumn, brings with the bright orange pumpkin; it is also featured as a Halloween decoration. A traditional Malta food is the savoury pumpkin pie, and it is typically made from four main ingredients: pumpkin, rice, potatoes and tuna. Now that I think about it, I don’t think I ever tasted the sweet kind. After doing my research, I found some pumpkin facts I would like to share with you.

  • Pumpkins are as old as 5,000 to 7,000 BC.

I do wonder how they got created as in how it all started.

  • It takes around 85 to 150 days for one to grow, depending on which it is.

About 130 days less than in a human pregnancy!

Pumpkin, Food, Vegetable, Healthy, Autumn, Halloween
  • The name comes from the Greek word “pepon”.

The English translation is “large melon.” The word “pepon” was later adopted by the French and changed to pompon.

  • Pumpkins need bees to pollinate for them to get fertilized.

One thing that most flowers and pumpkins have in common is they need pollination to get fertilized. On top of that, they need to be squash bees because Bumblebees don’t like its pollen.

  • Did you know that pumpkins are actually a fruit?

I didn’t know this, but to be honest, I wasn’t that surprised, knowing how sweet they can be. Since pumpkins bear the seeds of the plant, they are categorized as fruit.

Did you know any of these facts about the icon fruit for this season, the pumpkin? Part 2 will come tomorrow, and happy fall.



All images are from Pixabay.


3 thoughts on “Pumpkins Facts Part 1

  1. Thought you’d like these facts: growers of large pumpkins for size competitions use large swabs to pollinate them so they can cross breed only the biggest and the best. We are talking 1000 pound pumpkins. In Windsor Nova Scotia they used to hold a pumpkin race where people took the insides out of them and paddled them across the lake to the finish line.

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