Sleeping To The World Part 1

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According to Google, people in my age group, 18 to 60 years old, should be sleeping seven or more hours per night. I would be lucky if I sleep 4 hours straight at night. I need to move my body, or I get muscle pain which is what wakes me up. Sometimes I go right back to sleep after repositioning, and sometimes I need to read on my phone or laptop to go back to sleep. I know it’s not a health pattern, but it’s the only thing that works for me. I found an article that talks about the way people sleep.


As the word siesta say, the Spanish like to have a nap after having lunch. Fun fact in Malta, we use the word, and some have the same tradition.

South Korea

Some in South Korea believe in an old myth that sleeping with a fan on in a closed room can lead to death. It is thought that if the oxygen is consumed, the temperature will fall to dangerous levels.


Some people in Bail have a technique called “fear sleep”, where they have the ability to fall asleep in an instant as a way to deal with stress.

United Kingdom

More than 20% of British sleep naked, which sound pretty typical to my mind, but the reason I wanted to add this habit is that I recently heard on the radio that there was a doctor who said that it isn’t that healthy not to wear underwear due to bodily gases and fluids.

I wanted to keep this one short and sweet, not only to make it easier to read, knowing how busy life is. It might be just my blog, but shorter posts are enjoyed more; plus, personally, I refer to concise posts. Tell me what do you prefer?




3 thoughts on “Sleeping To The World Part 1

  1. Since I do the laundry, I like my husband to at least wear underwear. Years ago we both slept naked but I stopped once I became a mom because moms get up a lot at night. These days I just prefer to have something on. Sometimes it’s to keep my knees more cushioned. Sometimes it is because I like having my lower back and hips covered. It changes.

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