Happy Halloween Tag

The fantastic Lisa @ Lisa’s Books Gems and Tarot tagged to do the Happy Halloween Tag. She is one of the first I started following what I started blogging. My family never had Halloween traditions, so this tag might be a tricky one, pun intended.

What is your favourite scary monster?

What the Little Boy From "Casper" Looks Like Today - Photos of Devon Sawa  Now

I think I’m picking Casper; not only is he a cute ghost, but the movie is also an oldie but goodie.

Favourite spooky book?

Dog Days of Murder (Country Cottage Mysteries #2)

As you, as guys know, I love Bizzy Baker, the main character from Country Cottage Mysteries Series by Addison Moore.

Best Halloween memory?

101 Dalmatians Gif - ID: 96838 - Gif Abyss

This will sound weird, but since Halloween falls in a school holiday, if I needed surgery, I had during the holidays not to lose school. I remember one time it was Halloween, and mum and I watched movies like 101 dalmatians. I just looked up, and the first vision was made the year I was born in 1996.

Favourite Chocolate?

Really Easy Coconut Balls Recipe | Australia's Best Recipes

I guess I’m picking my favourite dessert, which is coconut balls.

Favourite scary movie?

Coco GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Honestly, I’m not into scary movies; however, the movie Coco comes to mind for this time of year.

In all honesty, I wasn’t planning to do this tag today, but when Lisa tagged me, I just couldn’t say no, and from tomorrow, I’m doing poetry month, so today had to do.



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