Help 4ocean Clean The Ocean And Keep It Clean!

I was watching a YouTube video, and this ad popped out, and it caught my interest. I think that plastic in the sea or ocean isn’t an ocean problem but a human one so we are also the situation to the issue.  So today I’m here to tell you more about it, and how you too can help the ocean or beaches in the case of Malta.

I read that by 2020 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish, and that’s scary that we brought our earth to this condition and don’t forget that we have to live in it. Therefore I’m not surprised that after a trip to Bali Indonesia, Alex and Andrew, who are passionate surfers went on a surfing trip, but as soon as they got into the ocean, they started seeing and grabbing plastic around them.

Andrew and Alex started cleaning the ocean by themselves back in 2015 one plastic piece at a time. However, they soon figured out that this issue is way bigger than they ever dreamed. So in 2017, they built the company 4ocean and here how it works. From the plastic collected they make bracelets, and for every bracelet, they sell they fund the removal of 1 pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

Please keep in mind that isn’t only about the environment but for us the human. In less than 2 years, 4ocean has removed 4,534,558 pounds of trash from the ocean and coastlines, and that’s mind-blowing. 4ocean currently operates out of multiple countries and employs over 150 people worldwide who work 24/7 picking the trash that you and I don’t recycle properly, we already swim in plastic let’s not make it worst.

A cute thing that I found out while I was doing my research for this post is that Alex, the co-founder of 4ocean has even taught his dog how to pick up plastic and believe me they have their work cut out from them. Every 60 seconds, we cause a tone of plastic to enter the earth of the ocean and seas, which is overwhelming.

4ocean Site

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Destroying My Mum’s Game…

This is how you destroy your mother’s game, things needed: a Facebook game app, an IPad and me. In all fairness, I just tried to help. If you aren’t familiar with Facebook, it has games, and these games have apps that can be downloaded on your phone, IPad or other devices. My mum’s game is called Criminal Case, and after months of her begging me, I started playing too.

My mum has two Facebook account, so she always wanted to play her two games from the same app. So I went to my Mysteries Of The Past app (the game) and logged out and logged in her account and it worked so I logged out again and went back on mine. When my mum got home, and I went on hers to show her how to do it.

I logged off her account and logged into mine but then every time tried to log out and log in to hers I would only log back into mine, and I have her game on mine no, and we lost our game energy. I tried everything that I can think of to fix it.

The fact that I messed out my mum’s game is causing me a lot of anxiety, and yes I know it’s just a game, and I don’t mind losing my game, but I’m sad for my mum because she spent hours’ worth playing this game, and I destroyed it with one single click.  I did email the team that takes care of the game, and I haven’t heard anything back. If you guys have any idea on how to solve this, please let me know in the comments.


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Downlights Candles🕯🕯

I was surfing the web and stumbled upon this video titled “My Perfect Family: Candle Dad”, and it got me interested. It starts with the dad cooking breakfast for his family, who lives in Beachland, Auckland, New Zealand. From the first few minutes in the video Tony, the dad introduces us to Nicki and Emma Sykes, who are only 13 months between each other but what makes them unique is that the sisters both have downs syndrome hence the name downlights that I’ll get to in a minute.

When Emma finished school at age 21, her dad Tony tried to find a job for her, and he asked a variety of businesses that he knew since he had his own business. Sadly no one wanted to give her a job, so they started their own business making candles. They always had candles at home, and Emma really likes them, so the dad thought let’s make candles. However, he soon figured out that making candles it’s not as easy as it seems, so he asked help from his friends and one of them introduced him to Jennifer Del Bel who already had her candle making company.

She offered Tony and Emma to use her manufactured facility to produce their own candles while she taught them those tips and tricks that she picked out along the years. In the beginning, Tony had a small selection of fragrances that he would sell at the market, and that’s what lead to the media picking up the story and talk about it which helped them sell a candle a minute for two days after they appeared on TV. Which help the brand Downlights get on its feet, and I think you already why the name downlights and that’s because both girls have downs syndrome.

The independence in Emma has grown since the start of the business, which is really amazing to see. To see the changes for a better life that this job gave her makes me go speechless! Tony hopes that as the business grows, he can employ more people with downs syndrome so that they too can have a better life.

Downlights Information :




Best of luck Downlights,


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Is Blogging As Easy As It Looks?

To whoever tells that being a blogger is an easy job, ask them to be a blogger for a week, and they’ll let you know it’s known, it’s not as easy peasy as it seems. It’s a job that needs your time and a lot of brain work. In this post, I’ll share ways for you to earn from your blog but also keep it real with you guys.


One of the must market way of bloggers making money, and this is how most work. When your viewers click on the banner ads or any ad you have on your blog, this is also referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions ), and this is why traffic is critical because you need to get a ton of views to make money.

The most popular one out there is Google AdSense. However, in my case, I do use WordAds since my blog is a WordPress blog and they usually pay $1 per 1,000 views, and you need to reach $100 to get paid through PayPal.

Patron And/ Buy Me A Coffee

The most I’ve seen bloggers use and something that I’ve myself is Buy Me A Coffee. When it comes to YouTubers, they tend to use Patron. Both Patron and Buy Me A Coffee are links where your viewers or readers can donate towards your blog or channel to support you as a creator. In this case, having refined content on your blog is essential.

A few examples, of how you can give back to your donators are extra content exclusive to them, giveaways, thank you notes, reviewing books or products that they vote for, putting their names or social media on your blog or videos.

Setting Up An Online And/ Your Services

Creating something unique to your blog can be the thing you need to single you out from other bloggers and the social media market and give you the aid that you need to your business. Some ideas could be bookmarks; book covers designs, clothing designs, your photography, your art, candles, magnets, bath bombs, custom decals and so on and so fore.

Another way to market yourself is to write blogs relate it to your job and what you can offer. Sometimes making friends in the area of whatever you do, because of recommendations and word of mouth can become your best friend and living. Keep in mind giveaways and sales (reality is that people love discounts and free things) and like that, you can a taste to the public out there what you can offer.

In my opinion, the best blogger is a writer who researches the subject he is writing about so that they can post good quality content out there. More bloggers and writers need to remember to be transparent and honest to their followers and be able to admit that we messed up when we do mess up, which will lessen misleading information and misunderstandings. In the end, we’re human beings so enjoy the gift of words.


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A Transgender Guy Goes To The Barber Shop For The First Time Ever!

I have many posts around the topic of hair and salons and the anxiety they cause me. However, after nearly three months without a haircut, it was starting to enable me even to wash my hands with my eyes open due to gender dysphoria, which causes me bruising from bumping into stuff with the chair which isn’t safe.

My closest friend noticed and asked me about it, and I told him the truth. He came up with a plan he’ll look for an accessible barber shop and book us both a haircut. When he told me that he did it, I tried to get out of going in every way possible, because I felt I didn’t deserve it (sometimes my mind is dumb I know) he told the barber that I’m a transgender male and that I use male pronouns which looking back it was a good idea. On the day, I was sick twice due to anxiety, but there was no way I would let down my best friend.

So I made my mum take me which wasn’t an excellent idea for two reasons, firstly, I’m 23, and I needed some space to keep myself together. Secondly, my mum misgenders me and uses the wrong pronouns which confuse people about which pronouns to use when talking to me. The barber saw me shaking, and surprisingly he knew what to do and calmed me down.

We figured out a style for me and as soon as he touched the clippers to my head my body relaxed. It felt so good to be doing something that creates fear with my best friend doing the same thing in the chair next to me. I did pay the same as a ‘normal’ guy would, I’m pointing out this because I heard that in some barber shops and salons a transgender guy has to pay more for a regular haircut.

Thank you, Adrian, for giving me what I needed to overcome my dysphoria. I’ll leave his info below, so if you are in Malta, go check him out, you won’t regret promise. I wasn’t paid to say all that, but he deserves it.

Barnuz Barber Facebook Page


If I gave you one wish what would it be?

Guys, I did it again, this time I asked If I gave you one wish what would it be?. I have to say that I got more meaningful answers which helps me to reach my aim which to showcase different lives.

I’d probably wish for a log cabin on the south coast of Iceland.

An all-expense-paid trip around the globe.

That ‘d be more hardworking. That I don’t procrastinate and daydream. I want to break my limits every day, every moment of my existence but for some reason, I can’t make it and that I’d always stay sane.

To bring back my parents.

I wish to stop homophobia.

Probably getting my life together or be successful in my life.

Stop World Hunger.

To be with someone, I love and be with them forever. I hate being single.

I badly need work at this moment.

No homophobia and any criticism or sexism and to stop all types of abuse.

Thank you for everyone who answered my question, and for more similar posts check out here.


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