A Transgender Guy Goes To The Barber Shop For The First Time Ever!

I have many posts around the topic of hair and salons and the anxiety they cause me. However, after nearly three months without a haircut, it was starting to enable me even to wash my hands with my eyes open due to gender dysphoria, which causes me bruising from bumping into stuff with the chair which isn’t safe.

My closest friend noticed and asked me about it, and I told him the truth. He came up with a plan he’ll look for an accessible barber shop and book us both a haircut. When he told me that he did it, I tried to get out of going in every way possible, because I felt I didn’t deserve it (sometimes my mind is dumb I know) he told the barber that I’m a transgender male and that I use male pronouns which looking back it was a good idea. On the day, I was sick twice due to anxiety, but there was no way I would let down my best friend.

So I made my mum take me which wasn’t an excellent idea for two reasons, firstly, I’m 23, and I needed some space to keep myself together. Secondly, my mum misgenders me and uses the wrong pronouns which confuse people about which pronouns to use when talking to me. The barber saw me shaking, and surprisingly he knew what to do and calmed me down.

We figured out a style for me and as soon as he touched the clippers to my head my body relaxed. It felt so good to be doing something that creates fear with my best friend doing the same thing in the chair next to me. I did pay the same as a ‘normal’ guy would, I’m pointing out this because I heard that in some barber shops and salons a transgender guy has to pay more for a regular haircut.

Thank you, Adrian, for giving me what I needed to overcome my dysphoria. I’ll leave his info below, so if you are in Malta, go check him out, you won’t regret promise. I wasn’t paid to say all that, but he deserves it.

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Accessibility In Malta

Let me start everything off, by saying that this topic was my research at Junior College which did earn me one of my A ‘levels, so I’m talking from research and studies point of view apart from the fact that I’m a wheelchair user myself.

My aim in writing this is to answer a question I hear a lot, and that is “Is Malta wheelchair friendly?” my short answer to that is no, we’re nowhere even close as a country to be wheelchair friendly. And you know what pisses me the most is that the government says that people like me have access to go anywhere they do press releases and whatnot and feeding people misleading news for votes. If you sit in a wheelchair for one day, you will get how hard our life is, and no one will care because they don’t even understand what a wheelchair is.

I’m Maltese, born and breed but I need to voice this pain that my own country is causing me and not just me but all for all wheelchair users that live here.


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The Show Must Go On

Hey guys, this post is about my life, if you’re here to hear about books tune in with me tomorrow. During the last few weeks, I’ve been having anorexic thoughts, as a teen, I did go through anorexia, not because I wanted to be thin per se, in my case, it’s my gender dysphoria. However, I’m winning the battle by eating. A few days ago, I had to put down my dog Abby, and as a family, that was one of the hardest days we had to as a family. I do pre-blog for the days I’m not feeling well.

I’m on the right track I’m in therapy after many battles my id card came out as male which I’m very proud and happy about that. On the day this post goes up my best friend pushed me to go have a haircut which will make me look less like a bear and will help me feel less dysphoric, so thank you, Neville, for this and everything you help me overcome.


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If I gave you one wish what would it be?

Guys, I did it again, this time I asked If I gave you one wish what would it be?. I have to say that I got more meaningful answers which helps me to reach my aim which to showcase different lives.

I’d probably wish for a log cabin on the south coast of Iceland.

An all-expense-paid trip around the globe.

That ‘d be more hardworking. That I don’t procrastinate and daydream. I want to break my limits every day, every moment of my existence but for some reason, I can’t make it and that I’d always stay sane.

To bring back my parents.

I wish to stop homophobia.

Probably getting my life together or be successful in my life.

Stop World Hunger.

To be with someone, I love and be with them forever. I hate being single.

I badly need work at this moment.

No homophobia and any criticism or sexism and to stop all types of abuse.

Thank you for everyone who answered my question, and for more similar posts check out here.


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Cerebral Palsy And Making Love

I might regret writing this post in a couple of years but, I’m doing it for two reasons, first as the tag line of this blog says I’m willing to my life and everything within it because my life stories could help people out. Secondly, I got so many questions on this subject that I want to be able to refer to people somewhere when they want to read more about the issue.

I have a condition called Cerebral Palsy because the hospital made a mistake when I was born, which landed me in a wheelchair. The most common question I get asked is “Are you paralyzed?” my answer is no; I’m not I feel every inch of my body. However, my body has a hard time when it comes to movement.

My thoughts on making love change from time to time but that’s not because of my condition or my religion. The main reason is that I’ve gender dysphoria making me uncomfortable with my body most of the time. By the way, I want to make something clearer just because I’m a pan-sexual doesn’t mean that I’m dating anyone that comes, especial if they can’t my condition and lifestyle.


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