February Wrap Up 2021

If My Mind Was A Person Starlight Coal If My Mind Was A Person A World’s Game Patched Blanket The Bird (Guest Post) Why Do We Hate? It’s only the 10th  of February, but I decided to wrap-ups a bit different when it comes to updates that I typically write at the end of the … Continue reading February Wrap Up 2021

The Bird (Guest Post)

Image from Pixabay I hear a symphonyin the world around meas I go througheach passing day.From the thump of machineryto a bird's song,the whisper of the windand the hum of tires on asphalt.Everything in the worldmakes a songfor those who listen,A quiet tuneborn of an invisible creatorunique to the worldyou wander through.Sometimes I only catchbits … Continue reading The Bird (Guest Post)