That Little Sign

Image is from Pexels While I was at pride Enveloped into sounds Coming from different Voices with their own path With its colour Giving a story Then someone passed by Holding a little sign Saying trans rights Are human rights Which gave this New sense of belonging Alex

Reindeer Readathon Announcement & TBR

I don’t know what’s up with me, but this year I keep failing at Readathons, but oh well, let’s try one more time. The reindeer readathon is a holiday readathon/challenge. There are five teams: Team Mistletoe (Erik), Team Snowflake (Noelle), Team Nutcracker (Christine & Mo), Team Stocking (Kristin) and Team Candy Cane (Lezlie). I’m team … Continue reading Reindeer Readathon Announcement & TBR