Thoughts On A Letter I Wrote To Myself Last Year

Image from Pixabay So, about a year ago, I wrote a letter to myself that I thought I would respond to it in five years but my life changes too much to wait for that long so doing it yearly here is last year letter: I bet this one won’t be easy to write, but … Continue reading Thoughts On A Letter I Wrote To Myself Last Year

Little Me

Felt like a ghost In the school uniform Every time I tried To line up with the boys I got in trouble With the teacher I got gifted dolls and barbies Instead of the cars and trucks I wanted Which got me the message That I can’t show The pain that comes from within Alex


Everything alive Needs to grow Like in every cycle There is always a start Or a birth Each season brings with it Days that are sweet Like honey Other days make Your heart just aches However, with each day Comes a life lesson That will help you With your inner growth Alex