My Life Right Now

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The best way to express how I’m feeling right now is walking on eggshells in my own life or, in my case, wheeling. I guess my most worrying issue is where we are going to live next year. A promising thing happened housing promised us a place that should be wheelchair accessible, but the anxious part is that they will finish building on January 1st 2022.

From experience that even if they say it is wheelchair friendly, there is still the chance that my wheelchair won’t fit, especially in the lift, so that storm isn’t over yet. My body is on my mind right now; I have been having pain under my tummy area. It comes and goes, so it can be the case of having gas to pass. However, when the pain gets bad, I fear that my cycle is coming back, and that’s a mind game I don’t want to play. Hopeful I remember to ask my endocrinologist about it.

In Malta, females and trans men who haven’t had a hysterectomy and, in my age, group are invited to get a smear test. While I hope that all the people who are invited will go get tested. In my case, there are two hurdles that I need to overcome, my bottom dysphoria and due to my Cerebral Palsy. I have to be put under, so they can position my legs the way they need to be for the test.  Luckily, after talking to the nurse from the scanning centre, I found out that for the time being, that test isn’t needed in my case.

Next month, I hope to do poetry month and start a new writing project that I have been tossing ideas around with. I mean, I still don’t know what to do with Turning Paige and still looking for an editor. So, if you are one, contact me!



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