Soulswap (Twin Souls #1) by Arizona Tape, Laura Greenwood With Spoilers

This read is one, out of my comfort zones, so this might be a short book review. This book is about dragons and vampires. Here are my thoughts, Tate was in the closet, and she thought she had to stay there forever so that can please everyone around her by marrying her long-time boyfriend, Devon who wanted a family and kids even if it isn’t what Tate desired for her life. The situation caused Tate anxiety, and this unbearable headache started and fell in a haze like sleep.

When she woke up, she found herself in a different space with a different name and a female partner. Tate fell in love Sian just from her scent. On the other hand, Aria, Sian’s girlfriend fell in love with Devon, so in the end, both Tate and Aria found the right soulmate for them. I gave this book three stars out of five, and I might say that I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would.


Soulswap (Twin Souls, #1)


Book Review: Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey by Dan Rhodes

I must say that it isn’t such a smart idea to read this book after the week I had to put my dog to sleep, so if you’re going through like that, I suggest that you put down this book for a bit and give yourself time. This book talks about a composer who is still closeted in his 60’s and the feeling I’ve got of why is that he fears to be the judgement of the people he composes for, but he almost doesn’t care about coming out anymore.

In a way, this dog that showed up out of nowhere has become the only partner he ever needed, and it shows that clearly because as in real life the only thing that stays by him is his dog, not his one-night stands. What made me furious is that Cockroft, the human, gives up his dog because of a lover that hated dogs, and, in my mind, I find it unreasonable to give up on my best friend that stood by my side for years, and we went through thick and thin together for a lover that might leave tomorrow.

On the one hand, this book shows the deep connections with our pets, on the other we see the stupid decisions that we human beings make at the spare of the moment that we make to regret later in our lives. This book left me with mix feels because I do get humans because I’m one of them. However, I don’t understand why Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey is being portrayed the way it is. Anyways, I gave this book a three of out five stars because of as a man who has been in relationships with another man, animal lover and LGBTQIA+ writer would have written about this topic differently. Having said this, I’m keeping in mind that Dan Rhodes, the author of this book looks like is not queer from the quick search I did, so that aspect of the book must be pure fiction.

Timoleon Vieta Come Home: A Sentimental Journey


Against Medical Advice by James Patterson, Hal Friedman

Yesterday I read Against Medical Advice by James Patterson and Hal Friedman, and it opened out my eyes to something I didn’t know a whole lot about. I have to say that writing this book in the first person *I* in the best decision in my opinion because it makes it feel more human to the reader.

When reading non-fiction, I find it hard to keep my feelings in check because we aren’t talking about characters but humans and real life. When I read this book, I had a wake-up call about how unfair this world can be and the injustice that we create to other humans just because they have a condition that you aren’t aware of or want to ignore instead of learning how to help the person.

Tourette’s Syndrome and Obsessive-Compulsive disorder is what Cory got diagnosed after many battles and medications with which doctors tried to help Cory. In this case, the cure that worked was when Cory took life in his own two hands and found ways to deal with life and be successful. I love the approach that the authors took in writing this and, I gave this book a four out of five stars.

Against Medical Advice

My Thoughts On Maple Creek by Elizabeth Penn

Emily flew back to her hometown after running out of an abusive relationship with her husband who was also, her boss. In this book, there is a bunch of ‘queer’side characters which I didn’t see coming, so it was a nice touch.

In Emily, we see a human who is trying to recover from her past abuse and starting to believe in herself all over again after many years and getting back her freedom after being held, prisoner by her husband.

One of the characters who is a trans guy got attacked with transphobe, and that really hit home. John the trans character got in a fight, and when the hospital doctor refused to care for him because he found that he’s trans, even though it’s illegal not to give medical care to anyone at least it is here, it happened to me before which is real life.

For the first time ever, she takes the time to explore her sexual orientation and for the first time falling with a woman. At first, I thought that the cover was misleading because it shows two females on the cover. The characters take a minute to come out but not in an annoying way like I said in the beginning.

The writing style is flowing, making it easier to fly through the book. My main complaint is that the story-line was too simple for my taste and kind of a copycat of some of the female/female romances I read before.

I must say that I feel that this book needs a bit more of editing and fixing typos. I feel that this book needed that extra push to become a winner and for that reason only I’m giving it a three out of five stars.

Maple Creek

Naked Without A Hat by Jeanne Willis

This book starts stupidly fun to the point where I doubted whether the main character is all there if you know what I mean? Will moved out of his mum’s after an issue with the mum’s boyfriend and a guitar. His new housemates sound like an equally weird bunch. I like Will perspective view of like the sea because it’s never-ending ’never dying kind of way’.

From the very first pages of this book, there is a conversation between Wil and his mum about keeping this secret that will be revealed towards the end of the book which in a way it will set everything in its place. Will does fall in love with a traveller/gypsy

Zara’s point of view is one that I never found in books before so it was an eye-opener for me. What she has to overcome because of her lifestyle is mind-blowing to me. This book does talk about mental disability, and I never thought I would like it as much as I did so give it a chance you won’t regret it. I gave it a four out of five stars.


Naked Without A Hat

Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry (Contributor), Tobias Iaconis (Contributor)

Five Feet Apart is a novel about two people who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis who fall in love. Now with CF, you need to stay six feet apart from another person with CF. I don’t usually read romance or contemporary if it’s not queer. However, I’ve been watching the frey life on YouTube for a few years now, and I found their videos as a comfort whenever I was sick or not feeling right.

Since Mary Frey has Cystic Fibrosis, I watched her battle it daily. So, I always on the lookout for things related to it. Now that I heard about this movie called Five Feet Apart which by the way, is coming out in theaters 15th March. This film is based on a book with the same title, and I just finished reading so here are my thoughts.

In this story, we meet Stella and Will who like I said, in the beginning, both have CF. They fall in love while being admitted to the same hospital ward. The writing in this is fantastic, so I’m looking forward to watching an excellent movie and while trying to learn more about this condition. One other book that has the main character with CF is Three Amazing Things About You by Jill Mansell (review here) If you haven’t guessed yet, I gave this book 5 stars out of 5.


Thoughts on LGBTIQ Youth Activism: The past & the present by Bizuayehu Castaniere, Kirsty Farrugia

I don’t know where to start and this book. If I had to describe this book in simple terms, I would say past and present honest LGBTIQ+ in Malta. Some parts of this book were written by people I know in real life. I wasn’t expecting to be affected by this book in quite this way. First of all, he gave me the book didn’t tell me that he took part in this book, so I wasn’t prepared read his words, and that felt like a punch in the gut, but in a good way. In every section, every person answered the same questions about the activism they do.

Each chapter starts with a little cartoon of the person, and under that, a quote or a say that they like for example Ludo Tolu says “ Kale keeps being eaten by caterpillars, and it keeps growing back, be as resilient as kale!”. My friend Alex Caruana, who is a trans man like me says “To exist is to resist.” These are quotes that will stay in my heart forever.

In a way, when reading this book, you’ll get to know the place where I belong with my LGBTIQ+ community and family. I don’t think I turned the pages of any book as much as this one. On the last page, I had to take a deep breath in and a deep breath out because it made me feel so many emotions. It brings you face to face to what the people had to go through to get people like me the rights that we have today in Malta. I gave this book a five of out five stars. In short, this book is full of passion.


LGBTIQ Youth Activism: The past & the present