This Is What It Feels Like by Rebecca Barrow

I don’t why, but when a book is from different prospectives, and we have three in this book. One from each of the girls, I tend to get confused about who is who so I had to restart this book three times. Anyway, now let’s go on the characters and plot.

We meet Dia, Jules, and Hanna, who are a group of friends with a passion for music who decided to start a band. When they began to get better gigs, the band split up which ended their friendship too. Dia got pregnant, and Hanna became an alcoholic and had to go to rehab. Jules is queer, and she was terrified about homophobia being that she’s from the south.

I can’t even start to think about how I would deal with this kind of issues a teen and this novel was an eye-opener for me to some of the social problems. Having seen alcoholism up close, I can say that it affects the whole family, not just the person going through it.

A few years later the girls just graduated from high school when a big competition for bands opens up, and they decide to give it a try. The magic of music rebounded their friendship. Plus, there is a cute romance that will melt your heart.

This Is What It Feels Like

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐



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