Love, Loss, Lockdown by Sneha Jaiswal (Book Review)

Love, Loss, Lockdown

This book is an anthology of stories set around current COVID-19 pandemic. What I decided to do is write a sentence or two on each story. The first story is about a guy who finally got a break when he got hired in the big city. Which was a way to better himself and help his family, but everything fell apart, when the pandemic hit.

The second talks about the period when India started a war to gain independents and both being pregnant and growing in during wartime isn’t easy. Although, Lovely Loveleen had the strength to overcome it all that is till the bloody coronavirus came along.

The third story talks about what medical personal are going through, and something that we don’t seem to think about is that they have families too. Who go through emotions like every other human because at the end of the day they aren’t robots but human just like you and I. On top of everything they still have to work.

While story four and five are realistic to the time, we are living now when it comes to lockdowns and social isolation. I couldn’t connect with the characters I did in the first three stories. Although the fifth story, it’s quite romantic.

The rest of the stories are about the issues that the world is still facing today, from people losing their job to the lack of cash flow.  As a whole, I gave this anthology a four out of five stars. Plus, I’m a fan of the art on the cover.


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