Finding Tranquility: A Love Story by Laura Heffernan

I wasn’t planning to review this book which seems to become a new theme for me, but please hear me out. This book deals with a lot of essential trans-related topics to the point that my eyes are dying to sleep, but my brain won’t shut down until I put my thoughts on the page. We meet Brett, who later on becomes Christa and Jess, her wife or in Jess’s case his wife.

I’m going to have to keep switching between pronouns in the hopes that you guys can understand what I’m not doing so to disrespect the character in any way.  It was the day of 9/11 when Brett backed out of going to New York and exchange places with his friend. Sadly, that flight was of the three flights involved in the tragedy of 9/11 which declared Brett as dead. Brett saw this a way to escape and transition to herself a female.

Coincidentally, 20 years after he bumps into his wife, and she recognized him even as a woman as her dead husband. Which gives me joy because the author understands that we might change our looks, but we still have the same heart from the inside. In my opinion, the character of Christa was written in a way that showcases a few things.

The first thing is how hard transition can be, how misgendering can harm people and gender-related crimes which are more common than you think and last but not least trans rights. I gave this book a well-deserved five stars.

Finding Tranquility: A Love Story


4 thoughts on “Finding Tranquility: A Love Story by Laura Heffernan

  1. That’s the reason, after never fully liking the name I initially changed to (even legally), I’m going back to what I initially wanted, the male form of my birth name. I’m still the same guy, just switching sexes to be myself authentically and healthfully. People now saying they couldn’t even imagine me as a woman, and those who’ve known me since before my sex change say I’m happier and better as a person for it.

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