Top Ten Tuesday/ Band Name From Book Title

Hosted by thatartsyreadergirl.

April 21: Titles That Would Make Good Band Names (submitted by Michelle)

Harmony to Heartburn (Fortytude #3)

I can picture a girl group singing love songs.

Crazy For You

A band that has fans because of who is in it.

Travelling Light: Poetry

It reminds me of an indie group.

Relic (The Morelville Mysteries, #1)

I would pick this name for a heavy metal band.

Star Girl (Stargirl #1)

It sounds good to my ear.

Beyond Fate

For a Christian band.

Love Drug

I think it might be a cool name for a punk band.

Opening Hearts (A Hero's Heart Romance #1)

The kind of group that every teen would listen too.

Hurricane Child

This title reminds me of like a group in the ’80s.

Little Bee

It can be a catchy band name.

I know, I didn’t do great, but I tried, and that’s all that matters.


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