Being Female Is A Crime

Image is from Pexels Either you escape From the country You were born in The only home you have ever known Leaving family and everything behind With only the clothes on your back Or I will kill you And blow your home in smoke Because you are crime Of being born female (My thoughts on … Continue reading Being Female Is A Crime


Image from Pixabay At 7-years-oldI asked my auntWhy boys need to have blueAnd girls pink?Why can't the babyGrowing in my mummy’s tummyHave yellow instead?That was the first timeI rememberI started to question genderAnd connecting the dotsOf what this really meansAbout me Alex

My Thoughts On Trans Mission: My Quest To A Beard By Alex Bertie

Alex starts his book with a letter to his dad trying to explain what he always felt, and that’s not female. In the hopes that he’s understood and accepted the same thing that we all wish from our parents. In the first chapter, we get an introduction about gender and sexuality that so well written. … Continue reading My Thoughts On Trans Mission: My Quest To A Beard By Alex Bertie

Little Me

Felt like a ghost In the school uniform Every time I tried To line up with the boys I got in trouble With the teacher I got gifted dolls and barbies Instead of the cars and trucks I wanted Which got me the message That I can’t show The pain that comes from within Alex