Off The Topic Thursdays / Real People

Born in poverty

In a broken family

At night the sound of gun shooting

Becomes your sleeping lullaby

But he wanted a better life

And with determination and hard work

He now became the leader

Of today’s society

Architecture, Arms Outstretched, Arms Raised, Blue

2 thoughts on “Off The Topic Thursdays / Real People

  1. I knew these two guys,
    Their life, let me analyze.

    Same neck of the wood
    Had it rough growing up in the hood.

    One made it to college,
    Made a good life with that knowledge.

    The other slacked by,
    Said lifewas just one big deny.

    It’s not about environment, abandonment, acknowledgement, entitlement
    You could say life is just one big experiment
    But I’m not here to make that assessment
    But their temperament
    Got them to their current allotment
    All you need is that attitude adjustment
    To get you that better establishment.

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