Amish Christmas Boxed Set by Becca Fisher (Audio Book)

Amish Christmas Boxed Set

Rating: 3/5 stars

In this book set, we learn about the Amish culture, community, faith and love. This is a series of Christmas novellas.

We meet Jack and Linda, both of them are Amish. The difference is that Linda stayed in the community and Jack went out is what Amish call the English world. Things changed when he found his girlfriend cheating on him with his boss, and he got a Christmas card from Linda. With all the issues that Jack decided to go home early and tell Linda how he feels about her.

William and Doreen just became parents and adored their son. When all of a sudden, Doreen got sick. After a series of nightmares and a few tips from mother, he had hope that everything will be alright in the end.

Then we meet Emma, who had a solo in the Christmas pageant but she got stage fright and couldn’t do it. Which lead to a lot of bullying from her peers. After learning the lesson of self-believe the next year, Emma returned on stage and sang her little heart out.

In the fourth story, we see a young Amish lady falling in love with an English guy (non-Amish). I’m not going to lie the issues that her family caused her due to the crush of cultures annoyed me. To the point that I don’t think I can rate this story.

In the next story, we meet Claire that after getting hired by the production of breaking Amish and then getting fired. She wanted to go back home, but that caused issues in her relationship with David, her boyfriend, an English boyfriend. But is love more durable than a change in cultures?

Grace is a typical Amish lady, in love, but as she was making Christmas gifts, some worrying thoughts entered her head. Between the problems of a failing business and want a child of her own. We get a look at some hardships that an Amish life can face. But as the English saying goes with every cloud, there is a silver lining.

In the last novella, we meet Jenna and Daniel, they are now empty nesters trying to adapt to their new life change. Which gives us an image of what it is like when you are older in the community.

I can honestly say that when I was listening to the first half of this, I thought I wouldn’t finish it. The reason being it read a bit of one tone. Being that I’m on the fence on the topics of faith and religion, this box set wasn’t my cup of tea.

*I got this audiobook from the author in exchange for an honest review*


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