Animo (The Sationem Series #1) by Lisa Ann Rowe

Animo (The Sationem Series #1)

First thing first I really like the cover. We meet Willow, the main character, who is born in a family with magic abilities. I think the family has powers come from the elements like controlling fire. The mystery started when her family tells Willow that photos of her early age where destroyed in a fire, which is weird being that they can control fire.

I really like the closeness between Willow and her brother. Their parents went missing, and it’s like the tree leaders aren’t anxious about it. Everything happened within days of awakening when she will discover her powers to the full potential. Plus, she was experiencing some kind of travelling in her sleep as a sign.

I have to say that I don’t ordinarily like fantasy. Being that I find it harder to picture the build of the world in my mind. I appreciate that the author took care of the small details, that makes her writing richer and brighter. In a way, it reminds me of the tales that mum used to tell us which made me smile. From the way this book is written, you can tell that thought and search was done while writing this book with real emotions that reach you within.

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