Celebrities That Came Out This Year Part 1

Around this time of year, I always like to take a look at which celebrities has come out this year. Since in Malta we do pride month in September unlike most places around the world that do pride month in June. Stacy London She’s best known for co-hosting the show What Not To Wear. Last … Continue reading Celebrities That Came Out This Year Part 1

Top Ten Tuesday/ Spring TBR

Hosted by thatartsyreadergirl. March 17: Spring 2020 TBR (or fall, if you live in the southern hemisphere!) I just finished reading Not Your Sidekick (Sidekick Squad #1), and it was excellent with LGBT+ characters, which is a bonus. Looks like it’s a collection of poetry with an LGBT+ theme and African & African American Studies. Which as … Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday/ Spring TBR