We Used To Be Friends by Amy Spalding

At the very start, we read about James which isn’t a widespread name for a girl which makes me think a bit of gender bender which of course I like; we see her unburying a time capsule that her old friend Kat and she have buried four years before and read the letters now that they are seniors and in their last few days of high school — being that both girls no longer have a mum due to different circumstances.

Then we see Kat who is trying to figure out whether she is attracted to girls too, Kat trying to put s label on her sexually which brings a ledge to the girl’s friendship which in my opinion makes this novel very realistic to me because in real life when a person comes out, they might lose some friends due to different values and beliefs, which happened to me and it hurts like hell, which is not all bad since it helps you grow as a person.

Although, I have to say that since I read this author’s other book ‘The Summer of Jordi Pérez (And the Best Burger in Los Ángeles)’ I thought this story in a way, but it ended up going to the opposite direction than what I thought it would go.

However, at times I got about which of the girl’s perspective we are reading from without having to go back and forth to the beginning of each chapter to see whose girl is talking and to be honest, I think that the girls are too alike, so the lines between the two get blur the lines a little bit. Therefore, for that reason, I’m giving this book of three out of five stars,

We Used To Be Friends


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