Pride Month Post 6: Podcast Review LGBT1 Stories

My friend Neville told me to listen to a podcast recently. He loves to listen to podcasts. I’ve been interested in podcasts but had never gotten into it before, so I decided to give it a shot. He told me to listen to the Good Life Project (an episode about finding work you love), but as its pride month, I was browsing on Spotify to check what material they had about LGBT topics.

I stumbled upon LGBTI Stories, a podcast that features real people from the LGBT community and their stories. The first episode I listened to was about this lady called Nathalie Elle Woods, a gay woman from Denton USA. She was having dinner in a restaurant and overheard a conversation from the next table talking negatively about a relative who just came out as gay.  She immediately thought of doing something so when the server came to give her the bill, she asked for the family’s bill, and she paid it for them. Not only did she pay it but she left a note saying “Happy holidays from the very gay very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. PS Be accepting of your family.” This shows you how not all of us. There is still some good in this world, even though wherever we look on TV, those kinds of stories are rare, but they still exist.


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