Living with Cerebral Palsy Part One

Within the first few hours of my life, doctors told my mum that I won’t make. Not only did I make it, but I was also breathing by myself within the first 24 hours. Even if I was born 3 months premature and weighing only 1 Kg. I just asked my mum when was it that she noticed something wasn’t right.

They told my mum that I will be non-verbal, blind and won’t walk the only real bit was that I can’t walk. My mum was pregnant, and with the shock, she miscarried that day, and I blamed myself for the death of my brother for years.

I was about 9 months, and she would try to make me sit; I would fall backwards; she took me to a paediatrician. He told her that I couldn’t sit because I was premature but being that my mum is an ex-nun and nurse didn’t believe him. The next two doctors would solve the puzzle.

One of the doctors was British, and he told my parents. That at the time, the hospital didn’t know how to handle premature babies. And I had a lack of oxygen to my brain while in the incubator which caused me to have Cerebral Palsy. What happens next is what’s heart-breaking for me looking back as an adult.

To Be Continued…


10 thoughts on “Living with Cerebral Palsy Part One

  1. Wow. You are strong. You probably give off a great energy like my nephew. He was born with very underdeveloped lungs. They told us he wouldn’t make it to one. Because so many of his organs had went without oxygen. 19 years later he is still here. He played football in school and even now he is very athletic. Stay amazing always

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  2. My cousin has CP so I have some awareness about it, but of course, everyone’s experience is different. Thank you for sharing 😉

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  3. Is there a subsequent entry on this topic? Would you consider making this into a book? My nephew was born prematurely and it wasn’t until he was almost 18 months old that he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He celebrated his 37th birthday last week even though doctors didn’t think he’d get beyond 25. He’s a vibrant young man. Thank you for posting this. Would like to know more about your CP journey.

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