My First Hike In Years

As I wrote in the Childhood Rambling post, I spent most of my weekends as a kid at my aunt. After lunch, my uncle, her brother, would lift me to his car and take us places where we could walk and hike. All we took was water. We would walk or in my case wheel. We would hike breath in that pure air and look at the beauty of nature around us and beneath us.

I’m thankful that my mum and aunt never treated me differently than the other kids, and they put actions to show that. What I mean is that it must have been hell to roll the wheels of my chair on that type of ground (rocks, soil and holes) but she still never gave up on me.

On our way home, we would pick some wildflowers to give to my mum. I remember one day we went back to that place, and the whole area was burned down. It felt heart-breaking to see everything black and dead.

I was stuck in the home due to Corvid 19, and I was starting to get depressed. So, when my mum asked us if we wanted to go to a trail that not many people go to. I went without a binder on, and I can count on one hand the number of times I went out without one on since I got them. Which shows you how bad I needed the outside air.

We put the dogs on their leashes, and we were ready to go. I got stuck in a few holes, but luckily, I have heavy-duty tyres, and I’ve been driving my chair since I was 5. So, I’ve a few tricks up my sleeve to get out of the holes if I need to. Thankful now my brain took a well-needed break so it can keep me going,



5 thoughts on “My First Hike In Years

  1. Hey, I hope you will accept, the fact that I have nominated you for the mystery blogger award! Feel free to take it or leave it if you do here are my 5 questions.
    1. What do you love to do in your free time?
    2. Whats your one goal for the year?
    3. What makes you feel in control?
    4. Why do you love blogging
    5. Weirdest fact you know?

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