Update On Hormones








At the end of this month, I was supposed to take a blood test to check my liver. However, due to CONVID 19, I’m worried that the hospital won’t be available to make that kind of blood test.  Which means that I starting hormones would be extended further on the pipeline which from where I stand it very far away, and that’s a bumper.

Meanwhile, I thought it would be a good idea to write my hopes and fears when it comes to starting hormones. So, that I can read my fears in words and that in a way will already help me overcome that fear of the unknown and it’s a way for me not to give up.

My Hopes:

  • For my gender dysphoria to get better, which will also help my anxiety.
  • A deeper voice which will lessen the mental pain I get every time I open my mouth to talk.
  • I was told that I might get a little bit of extra muscle strength which is always great for a cerebral palsy body.
  • Fat distribution and facial hair will help me look more masculine.
  • I won’t have cycles which will relieve physical and mental pain.


My Fears:

  • Can develop high blood pressure
  • May cause high cholesterol
  • Might cause heart disease and diabetes, which worries me because, in my family, there is a history of heart disease and both my parents are diabetic.

Other things:

  • Acne/ Oily skin can happen.
  • Baldness can occur.

Anyways wish luck, and I’ll keep you updated,


7 thoughts on “Update On Hormones

  1. I think you made a balanced post of the pros and the possible difficulties. As for the balding, female balding is a thing too and it’s not fun. I think (secretly) that it can be more easy on men in society. But I guess it will be an individual experience too, as everything is. I hope everything turns out well, despite the possible delay.


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