Nappily Ever After Book and Movie Rant (Might Have Spoilers)

I know what you’re thinking, how dare you a trans, white guy this book and movie but believe it or no I have thoughts on both that I thought I would share them with you. The first scene that made me think in both the book and the movie when Venus’s mum was doing her hair.

That got me wondering why we see a mum and a daughter doing beauty related things but never a mum and a son. Is this some society rule I don’t know about? The part where the haircut happened was done in two different ways. In the book, she went to the salon and didn’t leave till the stylist gave in and buzzed her hair which felt like empowerment.

In the film, she had a breakdown, got drunk and buzzed her hair, and in the morning, she woke up and screamed because she didn’t remember what she did the night before. Which made it look like she did it because she was drunk not because she wanted to and that didn’t go down well with me.

Another thing that the movie showcased how critical female figures are in our lives, especially while growing up. I gave this book and movie three stars out of five. The reason being I loved and hated things in both the book and the movie.

Nappily Ever After (Nappily, #1)


5 thoughts on “Nappily Ever After Book and Movie Rant (Might Have Spoilers)

  1. I wouldn’t call this a beauty thing with my son. But he has always preferred me the cut his hair rather than his dad or anyone else. I like the movie. I did not read the book. There are always some differences in the book from the movie

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  2. I saw the movie, I did read the book. But the true is that we can’t be that perfect and don’t let ourself be. When I used to perm my hair I never thaugh of waking up before my man please no.

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