Having My Gender Disrespected…

So, my mum had the bright idea to post photos of me at the age of 14 as a girl. Not going to lie it hurts, and it hurts more than one way. The way I found out is I was blogging in bed since as you guys know I pre-blog and I heard them talking and laughing about it in the kitchen. Please keep in mind that today is the first day of 2020 at 9:30 in the morning so happy new year to me.

It sucks on many different levels. I’m sitting here, and I’m trying to feel numb because I feel my guts are twisted. To be truly honest, I did bite my mum on the day the photos in question were taken so to say that I was being forced into the ‘photoshoot’ is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a violent person which kind of shows you how trapped I felt since I couldn’t run being that I’m a wheelchair user.

I’m in pain not only because of my 14-year-old self is all over the internet without my permission. Do you know what’s the worst?  That my family doesn’t understand how much gender dysphoria hurts and that they will never see my true self which is sad.

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31 thoughts on “Having My Gender Disrespected…

      1. Well, I like you… and I did make that post about me falling in love with you… and let’s not forget that I feel like going out on a date with you… So possibly.

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      2. I know that. And I like you, so… we should date. And I already know what you look like, so consider it to be a mix of physical and online.

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  1. So sorry about this love. Some parents do messed up things thinking they have done nothing wrong. And when they are put in their place they become defensive instead of apologetic

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