August Wrap Up 2022

As A Kite

A Line Of People

On The Ice

Toast On The Fire

Every Story Has An Ending

On The Run

Rage Into An Hourglass

Why Do They Bark?

Fellow Transgender

That Wristwatch

Open photo


Okay, this is kind of crazy it’s the 1st, and I’m already sitting here writing my wrap-up, but yes, I wrote all 31 posts. The truth is that it’s just since I posted my July wrap-up, and I already have thoughts and things to say. I’m 60% into Muted by Tami Charles, and it’s giving me serious Grown by Tiffany D. Jackson vibes, and it is just as beautiful.

I have to confess that in the last few weeks, I have been overwhelmed with life and with it came loneliness. However, I was in awe with the love I got when I posted the post Both Different Yet The same. It’s nice to know that even if quite a few of my followers are bots or no longer active, this is still a place where I belong. I also watched the most hated man on the internet on Netflix, and I liked it. The fact that there are still good people on the internet comforts me.

I know it’s only September 1st when this is posted, but I’m dealing with stress and in the mood for a holiday movie, so recommendations are more than welcome! I wanted to end poetry month on a positive note, so I finished off with Toast on The Fire. It was a tradition in my childhood that I will remember forever. Speaking of stats this month, I had the highest rise ever, and I have nothing to say but thank you.



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