Trans Representation

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The thoughts behind this came after one of you sent me a comment asking me who are my favourite trans authors. That’s an interesting question because I read many trans characters and books with trans related topics. I try my best to search if the author is trans or cis, the reason why is I tend to bias on which I’m going to enjoy the novel.

No matter how much an author researches gender or talks to a trans people. They will never 100% understand the pain that a trans person might have because they never felt it. Most research only deals with specific topics just on a surface level.

When it comes to trans representation, the subject cis actors playing transgender characters comes to my mind. In my opinion, it’s not fair when a cis actor is allowed to cast a trans character when it’s rare to go the other way in casting.

Unless you live under a rock, you heard that Elliot Page came out as trans and it was all over social media and the news. There were comments from who I assume are lesbians saying they lost one of their own. My reaction to that, please remember that if you’re queer, you’re still part of the LGBTQIA+ community no matter what letter you are.

Another thing I don’t understand is just because they are pubic figures doesn’t allow us to remove their privacy. To deal with things like coming out as they see fit. Okay, I promise that at some point this week I’ll post about all the trans authors I read from.


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