My Thoughts On Trans Mission: My Quest To A Beard By Alex Bertie

Trans Mission: My Quest to a Beard

Alex starts his book with a letter to his dad trying to explain what he always felt, and that’s not female. In the hopes that he’s understood and accepted the same thing that we all wish from our parents. In the first chapter, we get an introduction about gender and sexuality that so well written.

The next chapter is about his childhood and some thoughts that he had I did. I mean, how I always said thank you when I was gifted ‘girly’ things but I never used them. In his teen, Alex came out as trans, and he was outed at school, which I know it’s painful and shouldn’t be done.

An assumption that people think is that you self-harm for ‘attention’ in reality it’s more about the destructive relationship we have with our body. When he spoke about his gender dysphoria and bullying, it really hit close to home. The reason why I recommend this book to teens having gender issues or not because Alex gives some tips on how to deal with these kinds of situations.

I’m starting to believe that your average PG doesn’t have the tools and information. To help a trans patient from reading his experience and my own. He also explains the types of treatment available, which can be helpful to parents. Towards the end, it talks about that in particular counties have laws against trans people which is heart-breaking.



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