My Thoughts On The Trans Healthcare Here

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To say that I went back and forth when it comes to the subject on my mind is an understatement. Being that it might rub some trans people who live here the wrong way. At the end of the day, I decided to share my thoughts and opinion with you guys.

There is a divide between endocrinologists what I mean by that? When dealing with trans men in Malta, there are two doctors that you hear a lot about in the trans community. One who is the endocrinologist at the gender clinic and the other who works in the private sector. Now, I have been a patient of both at some point in my transition.

In my opinion, both have their good and bad like every other human on this planet. I think there is anything with preferring one doctor than the other. What pisses me off is that some of the trans people here don’t agree with free health care because they can effort to pay for that care, but that way of thinking leaves a lot of trans people without the care they need.

A few years ago, the government passed a law so trans people can have top surgery for free. However, we the trans people aren’t putting enough pressure on the government to free up theatre space for top surgery to be performed. As a result, the waiting list is endless and last trans meetup I went to, there was talk that that waiting was closed (which means they are no longer putting people on it). I heard this more than a year ago, and to this day I haven’t heard anything more.

Note: These are just my thoughts and opinion.



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