December Wrap Up 2020

Blogmas Day 25 Christmas Traditions Part 2

Blogmas Day 23 Christmas Traditions Around The World Part 1

Blogmas Day 20 Equipment I Use As A Disabled Person

Blogmas Day 16 Mental Health and The holidays

Blogmas Day 12 My Thought On Midnight Sun (2018 Movie)

Blogmas Day 9 Life’s Second Journey (Show Me,#4) by Anne Stone

Blogmas Day 5 A Hero In Dog Form!

I took my 3 shot, and I was told that between this and the next is when changes start to take place. In a way, my skin thinks I’m still 12. I thought the acne was going to bother me, but I feel fine. What’s annoying is that I get allergies this time of year, don’t get me wrong as a kid I use to get nasty asthma attacks. To the point, where apart from my inhalers, I have an oxygen tank at home.

I did take my flu shot, and no I won’t protect me from COVID-19 but getting the flu still breaks me down. If you guys can give some kind of health cover, please do. I hope you guys liked my sort of blogmas. If my book gets a book deal, would any of you be interested in reading an arc and maybe review it? It’s a novel in verse with some excellent characters!



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