Blogmas Day 25 Christmas Traditions Part 2

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Happy Christmas everyone!

As I said in part 1 of this post, I try to about learn and showcase cultures around the world as I have this platform which makes me able to share things with other people. Anyway, come with me and learn about Christmas traditions from each corner of this earth.


In North Macedonia, Christmas takes place on the 7th of January, since most Christians in North Macedonia belong to the Orthodox Church. Being that the Orthodox Church use the ‘Julian’ Calendar for holidays. On the 6thof January which is Christmas Eve for them. The children go carolling and are given fruits, nuts and coins. 


Christmas in Nigeria is similar to that of Malta in the sense of it being pretty much a family focus holiday. Like us, they do church stuff. Besides children love to play with firecrackers at Christmas which I found was a cute tradition. A traditional Christmas meal in Nigeria may include beef, goat, sheep, ram or chicken.

Christmas in Georgia

Like in North Macedonia, Georgia celebrates Christmas on the 7th of January. What I found was interesting was ‘Chichilaki’ the traditional Georgian Christmas Tree. Which is made from of dried wood, such as hazelnut or walnut branches, which are shaved into long curly strips to form a small tree. Another custom that they do is exchanging gifts on New Year Eve.

I couldn’t share with all the Christmas events and traditions around the world because I would need a whole week of posts to maybe fit them all. So let’s do something share with us your Christmas traditions in the comments. For my bookish readers, I’m hoping to be able to post some free books today or tomorrow.



5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 25 Christmas Traditions Part 2

  1. I like that about Georgia I like the curly tree idea
    Family is everything too I love how they let fireworks off in Nigeria
    Lots of facts

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  2. When I was a kid we would ride on the back of grandad’s ute to the edge of a pine plantation near his farm. Then he’d cut down a “stray” tree, put it in the back of the ute and we’d sit on it on the way back. Then we’d decorate the tree, and have candles on it on Christmas eve. One Christmas eve, when the candles are lit, everyone chooses a candle, and when your candle goes out, you have to go to bed. It’s good luck to have your candle stay alight the longest. We do that now with our kids, but the tree goes on the roofrack (no ute). And often someone chooses a candle for someone who is absent and sends them a photo. Occasionally bits of tinsel catch fire, and one year the star. 😀

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