Blogmas Day 9 Life’s Second Journey (Show Me,#4) by Anne Stone

Life's Second Journey (Show Me, #4)

I read and reviewed all the books in this series, I believe. It was a while ago since I did that, so in a way, I read as a standalone book. However, I wasn’t too worried because I tend to like all the characters that Anne Stone writes.

We meet Melanie that reminds me a bit of me having to learn that it’s okay to lost control at times. Then we meet James, who is buying the bank where Melanie works. Melanie and James might or might not have a past together. Something that spoke to me was the nightmares she was experiencing which makes think you about how much pain a person can have on the inside. My point that the topic of anxiety is real and the way anxiety feels which isn’t easy to write in fiction.

I like how sweet James sounds to be. I like that he didn’t give up on Melanie and trying to comfort her. As a whole, it is a page-turner and quick to read. Something I noticed and love is the beautiful font. On the hand, I didn’t connect with these characters as much as I wanted. So, for that reason, I gave this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

This Arc was given to me in exchange for an honest review. It will be released tomorrow. I know this isn’t a holiday read, but when the author offered me a copy, I jumped on it.



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