Blogmas Day 20 Equipment I Use As A Disabled Person

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A few months ago, I asked you if you want to post about the equipment I use as a disabled person. The type of Cerebral Palsy I have makes me have weak muscles (which is why I can’t walk), and I have nerve damage in my hands. The reason why I can’t really write by hand.

The one thing that I can’t live without is my wheelchair. My wheelchair is custom made for my body shape. It does tilt which helps me because when I spasm, I slid off my chair, so I tilt backwards, and by pushing on my legs, I can reposition. My wheelchair is from the company Ottobock.

I don’t go anywhere with my phone, iPad or laptop. My devices are the only way I can write. I lucky enough to be able to use a regular laptop, although I need typing breaks at times and I’m not a fast typer. On days, when my hands are hurting or on the go, a touch screen comes in handy.

I do have a hospital bed and a medical bed table which I turned into my desk. Since I’m unable to transfer myself (for example move from my bed to my chair), I have lifters that do that for me. I do have a shower chair that I shower on and a commode. If anyone has any questions, leave them in the comments, and I will do my best to answer them.



3 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 20 Equipment I Use As A Disabled Person

  1. Awww thanks for sharing with us and always supporting my blog. I also have a disability called arthrogryposis and I also have scoliosis so I use a wheelchair to. I use the regular one but I can’t push myself people have to assist me in that area. I used to drive a scooter but since after I did surgery for my scoliosis I couldn’t drive anymore because I don’t have the strength to lift up my back since it’s now heavier. I should be doing physical therapy for that but I’m not.

    If you want me to tell you more about my disability feel free to ask☺️

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