Blogmas Day 16 Mental Health and The holidays

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The holidays are a bit of a bitter-sweet for me, on the one hand, as a kid I loved seeing everything light up, Christmas concerts and gifts. On the other hand, being that Christmas break is one of the most extended breaks from school. My doctors would plan for any surgeries I needed during that time.

In my teens and young adult life, that’s the period where I would relapse and stop eating. As you guys know this time of year food is more in your face. Which can trigger and be tricky to people with an eating disorder history. Adding to everything Christmas is a time that everyone spends with family. So, it doesn’t feel right to bother my friends with my texts.

How do I cope? The first thing I did this year is to let my two closest friends know that I get seasonal depression, and it’s harder for me to reach out. So, if they get any free time to text or video chat and let them know that’s the best gift that they could give me. Another thing that helps me is watching movies with my family, and my secret weapon is writing, which provides me with a way to let my thoughts.

This wasn’t an easy post to write, but at least it might give hope to someone in knowing they aren’t alone.

Happy Holidays and Stay Safe,



9 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 16 Mental Health and The holidays

  1. Hi Alex. Great post and a great reminder to check in with our friends who struggle with depression…at any time, not just on the holidays. All the best for a Happy Holiday season to you.

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      1. omg…it definitely doesn’t belong in a bubble. It needs to be a constant public conversation. If we don’t suffer ourselves we all know someone who does. Stay healthy over these holiday…very strange year to say the least…xo

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      2. Hey Alex. Ended up doing a short blog on mental health today. will pub this afternoon. did link back to this blog as it was my inspiration. Hope you’re having a great day.

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