What’s Blogging All About?

I have been daily blogging for the better part of two years, so I know a thing or two about it. I’m writing this post, so I kind of tell you how I do it and the pros and cons of it all. You can see it as some quick tips.

The way I get my ideas of what to write about comes from everything around me or thoughts that pass my mind. My mind is always thinking about what to write next, so I find the notes app on all my devices useful. In my opinion, to create a written post, you need to do your research, and that takes longer than the actual post.

Pre-blogging is something that you need to think about because you will never know when your life will get in the way. Plus, it’s a way to avoid stressing yourself out. I see guest blogging as a tool because not only you get to learn for other bloggers and make friends. At the end of the day that guest post or collaboration, it’s what’s putting your blog out there.

As we all know, starting a blog has many benefits like improving your writing, making friends. You become a part of the writing community and get your creativity going. Some drawbacks are it takes a while to get readers and need a more significant amount of traffic to get any kind of income. I think it’s safe to say that the number of followers doesn’t indicate how well your blog is doing.

I hope that this helps you out in any way,


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14 thoughts on “What’s Blogging All About?

  1. I used to blog from the mid-00s to the early 10s, but with giving birth to a son I stopped. I tried documenting my transition (I am female-to-male transsexual, as in I live as a man now but I was born female, just so people don’t think I was born male) on Instagram, but deleted it after my sex change was complete to much regret, and I never backed up those photos. Now I blog because I am in process of changing my legal name again (my first choice was, for English, gender neutral to prevent a judge from dismissing the petition), to something unambiguously masculine, the male form of my birth name. While there are two big, well-respected websites for trans men online, and several general trans sites, a lot of times I feel like those of us with differing opinions are left out, if not shunned, and want to try to see if I can add my voice, as a man and as a transsexual man.

    I hope to eventually use WordPress to start a second blog or site documenting my education and career as a welder. Show off projects, connect with other local and international welders, discussions on whatever I specialize my welding in. After acquiring experience, I want to find a job outside the States, and then show off the local culture wherever I live.

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      1. In my US state, our governor has put on hold all surgeries not related to covid, and SRS includes that. I’m seeing many siblings in my state anxious, worried, some even say pissed because even though our surgeries are considered medically necessary by many, they’re still technically “elective”, despite for many of our siblings they’re meant to be lifesaving. Hard to find alcohol wipes to take T injections. Luckily I can ask my primary for refill and go to a local pharmacy to obtain. I count my blessings, and I fear for my siblings who are trying roedixslly transition. I am in process to legally change name (again), but I can be patient because all the legal stuff is done anyways.

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      2. I have been worried about this too the gender clinic here closed, so I don’t know when I can start hormones


      3. Aye, whatever you do do NOT buy on black market. You do not know if what the supplier gives you is legitimate, if it’s pure. I know desperate times for desperate measures, as I know trans women who back in the day for their estrogens wherever they could long before we were mainstream, but hormones some of the most powerful stuff one can take. Best thing to do is eat foods that reduce estrogen and boost testosterone, strength training/calisthenics, chop the hair off, wear the clothes.

        Good foods to eat: tuna/seafood, leady greens, cauliflower, broccoli (any cruciferous veggies), eggs, yoghurt or kefir, coffee.

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      4. I do trust my endo, and I know he will give me t when my body can handle it I have posts on that if you want to take a look


  2. I started blogging during my unwell period, it was an outlet to settle my mind.
    I was physically restricted and the world was upside down, still is. Observation and Sarcasm took over and I poured all unwanted thoughts into a corner, my blog. After A posting I settled down and moved from from what bothered me, writing was helpful.
    Now I post what I see, more like into poems, some from my experiences, others from conversations I heard. Sometimes I’m in the shower and a thought pops up, something I saw or heard and I simply said to myself, I could blog about it, if I remember. 😝
    Reflecting in your question, when attracted to a title or a blogger writes, it’s because there must be something that relates to our situation or mindsets. It could be an idea, solution, comfort, reflection, you name it.
    Others bloggers helped me to pull out of the hole I found myself long ago.
    These days it’s more discipline to keep my mind active and show some of my art. As with art, ideas can flow easily at other times it’s challenging to shape them.
    I don’t read blogs any more unless my eye is attracted to a title. I’m not in need for more information. Now I simply enjoy clicking the keyboard to share what my imagination is dictating.
    Bloggers sharing their experience are helping others in the same situation.
    I’m grateful to their contributions.

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