Is Blogging As Easy As It Looks?

To whoever tells that being a blogger is an easy job, ask them to be a blogger for a week, and they’ll let you know it’s known, it’s not as easy peasy as it seems. It’s a job that needs your time and a lot of brain work. In this post, I’ll share ways for you to earn from your blog but also keep it real with you guys.


One of the must market way of bloggers making money, and this is how most work. When your viewers click on the banner ads or any ad you have on your blog, this is also referred to as CPC (Cost Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per 1,000 Impressions ), and this is why traffic is critical because you need to get a ton of views to make money.

The most popular one out there is Google AdSense. However, in my case, I do use WordAds since my blog is a WordPress blog and they usually pay $1 per 1,000 views, and you need to reach $100 to get paid through PayPal.

Patron And/ Buy Me A Coffee

The most I’ve seen bloggers use and something that I’ve myself is Buy Me A Coffee. When it comes to YouTubers, they tend to use Patron. Both Patron and Buy Me A Coffee are links where your viewers or readers can donate towards your blog or channel to support you as a creator. In this case, having refined content on your blog is essential.

A few examples, of how you can give back to your donators are extra content exclusive to them, giveaways, thank you notes, reviewing books or products that they vote for, putting their names or social media on your blog or videos.

Setting Up An Online And/ Your Services

Creating something unique to your blog can be the thing you need to single you out from other bloggers and the social media market and give you the aid that you need to your business. Some ideas could be bookmarks; book covers designs, clothing designs, your photography, your art, candles, magnets, bath bombs, custom decals and so on and so fore.

Another way to market yourself is to write blogs relate it to your job and what you can offer. Sometimes making friends in the area of whatever you do, because of recommendations and word of mouth can become your best friend and living. Keep in mind giveaways and sales (reality is that people love discounts and free things) and like that, you can a taste to the public out there what you can offer.

In my opinion, the best blogger is a writer who researches the subject he is writing about so that they can post good quality content out there. More bloggers and writers need to remember to be transparent and honest to their followers and be able to admit that we messed up when we do mess up, which will lessen misleading information and misunderstandings. In the end, we’re human beings so enjoy the gift of words.


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Tips On How To Cope With A Migraine

A migraine is something that all of us have experienced at one point or another but some more than others and it something that enables you to live your daily life. Here are tips that I found online or stuff that I tried myself.

Drinking a lot of water.

Stay in dark room.

Reduce the brightness on your devices.

Take a look at your blood pressure; it might be too low or too high.

Try heat packs or ice packs.

Close your eyes for a few minutes; this helps me especially when my eyes are burning.

Try massaging your scalp.

Drinking ginger to relief any blockage you might have.

Rest in a quiet place.

Meditation is a drug-free therapy that helps you distress.



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