Poetry Month/ Call For Collabs?

Image is from Pixabay Hey Everyone, I will be undergoing something, and I might not be able to blog daily/post next month, which of course, is fine, but I would like to avoid it if I can. Call me crazy, but even the thought of not posting causes me anxiety. The most comfortable way to … Continue reading Poetry Month/ Call For Collabs?


Can You Pick A Topic For Me Please?

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2017/12/18/13/59/create-3026190_960_720.jpg Image from Pixabay I thought I would challenge myself a bit and leave what I blog about up to my readers. I have to be honest what scares me and 30 topics or words I can build a post with. It would be awesome to see where my mind takes me upon thinking about … Continue reading Can You Pick A Topic For Me Please?