Being Dyslexic and A Writer

This topic is a hard one for me to talk about it since it’s what makes writing and being able to write is super close to my heart since it’s the way I express myself. Ever since I can remember trying to spell, write or read because I do see words and sometimes even numbers look different to me, it’s like letters fly off the face with a blink of the eye and that word becomes unreadable to my mind.

At first, my teachers taught I was a slow learner which made me feel dumb. I would get the answer right when saying it and oral tests but, when it came to writing or reading the same answer felt impossible to me. My mum took me a professional that works with people that have special needs and he or she (can’t remember the gender of that person).

That person figured out that I wasn’t a slow motor as my teachers use to call me, but I had and still have dyslexia and back when I got diagnosed with it there was limited information about it and no awareness. I don’t know the reason behind it, but I still felt this need to write words even if they were unreadable to everyone else.

After I learnt how to write things that people could understand, it took years to show someone something I wrote because I feared that I would get laughed at like what happened when I was a child. However, despite of everything my passion for writing won over my fear, and I let my words to roam free.

How do I deal with dyslexia as a writer? I have to say that over the years it has gotten better but when I’m under stress, I still can’t read or write to save my life. Things like Google where I can speak that word by pressing on the microphone button and it would write it for me so I can copy it to where I need it. Microsoft Edge has the read-out-loud opinion and if that doesn’t work, I know that it’s time to take a break and calm down and don’t forget when there a will there is a way.

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3 thoughts on “Being Dyslexic and A Writer

  1. my grandfather had dyslexia before it was dyslexia… he had a teacher that would work with him one on one, he had impeccable penmanship! My son still can’t write legibly sometimes, his “problem” is apraxia of speech. You are right – where there’s a will there’s a way!

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