My First Job Interview As A Man

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In a few hours, I have my first ever job interview as a male. Sadly, I can’t afford to change my name and gender marker on my school certificates. Which is the reason why they misgendered in the email where they ask me to come in for an interview. Not going to lie I’m unsure if I should tell them that I’m legally male in the interview. Being misgendered can really mess up my mind, which will make me less able to do the job itself.

Now it has been a few days after I went to the interview and there is a reason for it. I really needed to think about what happened well before I put my feelings and thoughts on paper. So, when the interviewer came out, she asked for my mum to be present in the interview. Going on from past experiences, I know that it won’t go smooth right there.

For the reason that they tend to ask my mum questions on behalf of me. Even if I’m the one who is looking for a job. What I found was weird was that the person interviewing me put out a disclaimer that they weren’t going to discriminate. However, in the same sentence, they told me that I shouldn’t have applied for the job of a receptionist being that I’m a wheelchair user. If that’s not discrimination, I don’t know what is!

I don’t know what you guys think, but last time I checked and worked a receptionist job can be done from a sitting position. The icing on the cake was when I told them that I’m transgender and legally male, which is why my name doesn’t match my certificates. Nevertheless, they still kept using my deadname and misgendering me as if what I just told them went in one ear and out the other.


19 thoughts on “My First Job Interview As A Man

  1. This seems really weird. Tbh, good thing you probably won’t be working *there*, but I get that not having a job can be really stressful and that having even a bad job can help you go to the next position where you can get a good job.

    Is your mom the kind of person who wouldn’t show up to the interview if you asked her not to? Or is she the “if they need me for my baby, I will 100% go in support and accidentally stifle his chances to get a job” kind of mom?

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  2. Oh love. That was some bullshit discrimination right there. And the deadnaming and misgendering to boot! Ugh that company is the worst. I’m glad you don’t have to work with them, though I’m sorry you have to keep looking. What asshats.

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