Top Ten Tuesday/ Character Name I Would Give My Pet

Top Ten Tuesday

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November 17: Characters I’d Name a Pet After (These could be your own pets (present or future), you could pick 10 different animals and tell us the name and animal type, or you could choose 10 names that would make fun cat names, etc. Put your own spin on this one!) (submitted by Nushu @ Not A Prima Donna Girl)

I’m going to have a hard time with this one because I don’t remember characters names in books or movies. So, I’m going to look on my read shelf on Goodreads and hope for the best.

Dead and Gone to Bell (A Samantha Bell Mystery Thriller, #1)

Recently, I have been giving into thrillers, so the first name that comes to mind is Samantha Bell from A Samantha Bell Mystery Thriller Series. I would take the character’s surname Bell as a pet name. When it comes to the books, Samantha Bell is an investigative reporter who helps to solve crimes.

Front Page Fatality (Nichelle Clarke Crime Thriller, #1)

The series I just read three books from is Nichelle Clarke Crime Thriller Series, and I think Nichelle is a cute name.

Summer at West Sands Guest House

The main character from Summer at West Sands Guest House by Maggie Conway name is Molly Adams, and I think Molly is a sweet name for a dog.

Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses, #4)

Okay, let me paint you the picture I have in my head. I see a fluffy bunny with the name Annie like one of the main characters in the book Rock Candy Kisses (3:AM Kisses #5) by Addison Moore. What made me love this book, even more, is the fact that Annie is deaf.

Moving Target : A Porter Novel (The Porter Series Book 2)

A unique name would be Pima which is the name of a character from Moving Target: A Porter Novel (Porter #2) by R.A. McGee.

The Christmas Bake-Off

Ok, I had to find a character name that matches my sister’s dog name.

A Cupid in London

If I had a lizard, I would name Cupid like in the book title A Cupid in London by Tom Caval.

SNOW:  A Gentry Boys Christmas Story

I had forgotten that I read a book with the word Snow as a title and Snow happens to be my dog’s name.

A Christmas Gift

Holly would be what I name my cat if I had one and the main character in this book is a Holly.

Love and Muddy Puddles

Coco is one of the twins in the book Love, and Muddy Puddles (Coco and Charlie Franks #1) by Cecily Anne Paterson and Coco sounds like the perfect pet name.

Yay! I didn’t think I could manage to do this one, but I did.


19 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday/ Character Name I Would Give My Pet

  1. When I was growing up we had a black cat named Samantha, named after Samantha from Bewitched.
    In 43 years, I’ve only ever met two other animals – dogs – named Holly. Very cool that you would name your cat ‘Holly’ 🙂

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  2. I love Holly and Molly for either a dog or cat. Something about “olly” just seems vert sweet. Imagine getting two kittens and naming them Holly and Molly. THE CUTENESS. :p

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  3. I had a tricky time at first while doing my own TTT. Eventually I came up with names, from some of my favorite literary characters, Just took me a moment, lol. You managed to come up with some lovely pet names yourself. I especially liked Molly for a dog, and Annie for a bunny. Here’s my list if you’re interested. If not, that’s fine as well. Have a good one.

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