Going Back To Work…

If everything goes to plan the day this post goes up, I should be sitting at my work desk. The same office that I hadn’t seen since last March when schools closed in Malta. Like everything in life, there are pros and cons to me going back to work.

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Pros of going back to work

It pays the bills.

Less time on my own with my thoughts

Seeing the kids, I missed so much

Relieving the pressure of having to work by myself

Socializing and feeling less of a hermit

Going out of the house

Being on the go all-day which makes time go by faster

Relearning how to work in a team

Going back home to Malta

Having a change of environment

Meeting the new job coach, I guess (if you have a disability and you are employed you get a job coach, and my old one quit during the lockdown, so I have a new one)

Cons of going back to work

Stress will increase

Dealing with a lot of people every day

Dealing with my muscle fatigue

More changes of getting COVID

Having to wear a mask all-day

The dogs will have to get used to us not being at home all-day

Can’t have therapy whenever I need it

Less time to research and write

So, how did you feel going back to work? Let’s chat in the comments!


(This was wrote before I was told that I was being let go)


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