It’s More Than Just Hormones And Surgeries

Cubes Spelling the Word Transgender
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As you guys know, I try to be an open book with you, especially about my transition. Which isn’t something that comes easy for me, being that I’m an introvert and a pretty private person by nature. It’s harder for me to talk about the system because it’s from the same system that I can get my only chance for trans care.

Believe it or not, even if I work fulltime, I barely earn enough to pay bills and medications so I definitely can’t afford trans care. It’s interesting to note that until about three months after I came out, I didn’t want hormones.

The reasons being I didn’t want to hurt my mum even more. The second was that I thought I deserved the pain that comes with gender dysphoria, and it took a lot of therapy to fix that. I always wanted top surgery even if that could be riskier on a body like mine. We tried to fix my gender issues without hormones which didn’t work.

I honestly don’t know what my endocrinologist wants to do since due to covid19, the gender clinic was closed. Adding the icing on the top last May, they found cholesterol in my blood which I’m now on medication for, to keep it at borderline. The downside to that is that it might hurt my chances of getting approved for testosterone which I’m not going lie worries me.

This is future Alex and I’m happy to let you know that the gender clinic is somewhat open.



7 thoughts on “It’s More Than Just Hormones And Surgeries

  1. Have you ever heard of “microdosing”? It’s from people who use small doses of LSD to treat depression, but the concept is catching on within corners of our community, from non-binary folx using it to slowly transition, to because like in your case, might otherwise unable to take traditional doses because of medical contraindications. You take a very, very small dose, doesn’t really do much to change the body physically, but it registers with the brain enough to still try and ease dysphoria.

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