I Had To For Myself

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Image from Pixabay

We were just teens
Tasting what love could be
Getting judged because of
Skin colour
We taught each other
What real love is
But inside me
I was fighting
A silent battle
Hiding who I really am
So even if I loved you
To the moon and back
Even if with pain
I had to break it off
And be the man
I was born to be



4 thoughts on “I Had To For Myself

  1. I’m lucky I have several butch//stud/AG friends that understand that while we may share a similar foundation (all born female yet very masculine in our behaviors, and all attracted to women), they understand why I transitioned to live as a guy. They’re cool that I never felt comfortable in a lesbian bar, or at women’s-only events, and that being thought as “female” was very distressing. How we “identify” might be different, but there’s that shared history, and shared interest in women—and because I’ve identified as a lesbian for ~15 years before transitioning, I know from experience that the love between two women is different from straight couples, and that kind of relationship is still what I pursue (though it’s been 3+ years since my last relationship 😝). I’d have an issue with a woman who says she dates other women and “trans men”—it’s very delicate—but at the same time if she’s not seeing me a “first” or as a fetish, I’d be down for trying to date her. I’m not going to let labels or identity politics stop me from trying to find love.

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