Everyday Stuff That Can Be Toxic

I was browsing YouTube, and I saw that one of the YouTubers I follow Raphael Gomes, who does a lot of content related to food. Who last December posted a video about the deadly doses of different foods. This got me thinking, which are those things that we do every day that can be toxic? I was shocked by some of the items on this list.


Mattress, Bed, Pillow, Sleep, Relax, Relaxation, Rest

Some mattresses can have what could be a harmful compound called PBDE. Some health issues that PBDE can cause are the brain and reproductive damage, decreased sperm quality and thyroid problems. Which is concerning because on average, an adult needs 7 to 9 hours of sleep. PBDEs are banned in Europe since 2004, in Canada and some states in the US.

Plastic Food Containers

Watermelon, Melon, Citrullus Lanatus, Fruit, Slices

Many plastic containers are actually made from chemicals such as phthalates that can mess up with our endocrine system. Since we are aware that plastic breaks down over the years, those chemicals will end in our food. Making glass containers a better option for us and the environment.

Fabric Softeners

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Since softeners work by putting a thin layer of chemicals that could be toxic such as quaternary ammonium salts. Some people experience skin irritation, respiratory problems and headaches.

Non-stick Cookware

Pan, Kitchenware, Teflon, Utensil, Empty, Cooking

we all know that non-stick cookware is easier and faster to clean, but this comes at a price. With high temperatures, the polytetrafluoroethylene that makes Teflon non-sticky gives off a toxic gas that has been linked to reproductive problems and other health issues. Other alternates are stainless steel or iron skillets.

Canned food

Canned Food, Cans, Supermarket, Food, Canned, Store

I find this one most scary of the five things I chose to look at because a lot of foods nowadays is canned. Most canned food containers Bisphenol A (BPA) which is a hormone-disrupting chemical linked to male infertility, heart disease and diabetes. Some companies are avoiding using this chemical, but we are still unclear if the alternates are safe.

I will leave the list from where I took my information here just in case you guys want to check out.




13 thoughts on “Everyday Stuff That Can Be Toxic

  1. Companies in the US, to keep costs down, will publish everything listed in any state that deems their stuff “toxic”. Due to a law in California, based on a very relaxed testing protocol, pretty much has every other or every thing ever sold listed as “potentially carcinogenic”, EVEN COFFEE. (Starbucks and other big coffee players are challenging that currently.)
    But what I wish that did get scrutinized is all the “health” stuff being sold. If the FDA can’t show something cures or at least alleviates something without proper rigorous findings, it shouldn’t be sold. This includes everything from vitamins to “detoxes”.

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