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May 26: Opening Lines (Best, favorite, funny, unique, shocking, gripping, lines that grabbed you immediately, etc.)

As you guys know, I do first lines Fridays every Friday, so I thought why not choose my top 10 favourite books from there.

Murdered by Sweet

Outside the weather was burning hot, but inside the display shelves spilled over with fluffy, deviously inviting mountains of cream and sugar mixed into that heavenly desert known as gelato.

You have the sweet with a dash of mystery in here. I’m adding the first lines Friday post here.

Flowers in the Snow (The Edenville Series, #1)

It’s funny, even when you know something’s coming, it can still take you by surprise. I’ve known for months this letter would arrive, but I still can’t bring myself to open it.

It made me want to know more about the story. Checkout my post here.

This Is What It Feels Like

It’s hot the second the doors open. The kind of air that leaves you sticky straightaway, sweat trickling along your spine, and you almost can’t wait for the sweet relief of the cold shower awaiting you at the end of the night. The stage is empty; music thumps out of hidden speakers instead, electro Biggie and Blondie covers and sometimes Aaliyah, because of course Aaliyah

I reviewed this one so you check out here.

Beauty Queens

This book first lines are confusing, and that’s why I liked it. Check out here.

Roll with It

It’s kind of hard to watch The Great British Bake Off over plates of Stouffer’s lasagna. Especially since it’s been in the freezer awhile—the edges are dry and crusty. But this is about all the cooking Mom chooses to do

This one is a sweet book, and you can check out my review here.

Lulu’s Café

Donuts… Donuts make everything better!

“It’s a perfect morning for a perfect donut. Welcome to the Donut Diner. May I take your order?” asked the perky drive-thru attendant. “Yes, I would like one dozen assorted and two small cappuccinos.” “That’ll be $15.76. Please drive around.”

I chose this book because a lot more people should be reading the message it has. For more information click here.

Fat Girl (Romance in Rehoboth #1)

Claire?” he repeats, drawing out the vowels. “Claire. It’s a family name,” she replies indignantly. “It’s a fat girl’s name,” he pronounces, mapping out her destiny with a raised eyebrow and only a minor hint of consolation.

I like how sassy Claire is. The first lines Fridays post is here.

Hazel's Theory of Evolution

Mom said to think positive because the first face I saw at Finley might belong to my first new friend. I don’t think she was accounting for the giant bronze fish statue on the lawn. The bus stopped right in front of it.

My first post of first lines Fridays in 2020, check out here.

“Are you sure you won’t come with us?” Mom hangs out of the passenger window and wraps me in a fierce hug for the tenth time in the last ten minutes.

A lot of people love this book, I have mixed feelings about it.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters, #1)

Once upon a time, Chloe Brown died.


It happened on a Tuesday afternoon, of course. Disturbing things always seemed to happen on Tuesdays.

Chloe teaches you how to live life to the full, and my review is here.

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