Why Is Gender So Controlling?

We hear and see gender everywhere we are, and if you think about it, this starts way before we are born. When they find out they’re having a baby, they begin to plan based on the gender of the baby. If it is a boy, he needs to play sports, if it a girl, she needs to go dancing lessons this is one example of many and the child is not never born yet.

When I was 7 or 8 years old, my mum was pregnant with my sister, and they didn’t tell me what they are having, I remember asking this question to my aunt as clear as if this happened yesterday. I asked her why it is pink for girls and blue for boys? She didn’t have an answer. Now that I’m an adult and doing my own search about gender, I understand the dilemma she might have had.

The second we are born they look at our biological sex and give us a gender. It continues to which side our gifts because there is one side for the boys and one side for the girls. Even when looking at ads when watching cartoons there will be a set of advertisements for girls and another set for boys

Just buying a happy meal, they will ask you what gender is your kid to see what toy they are putting in. Even in schools, you have two lines one for girls and one for boys, and that’s one painful thing that got me in trouble.


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5 thoughts on “Why Is Gender So Controlling?

  1. When I was a kid, I was born a girl. I always wanted to be a boy. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, we didn’t have the language, or even info, kids today have access to. Luckily I have a father who always allowed me to be a “tomboy”, even so far as even bring me to male group gatherings at times.

    I can’t comment on us associating colors and objects with gender, but I do know that there are those times girls just want to get together and bond, the boys just want to get together and bond. There is something integral about masculinity or femininity that does exist, but it should not be the thing that absolutely defines us or society as a whole.

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