Dreaming In My Sleep

A few days ago, I had this weird dream that our van turned into an aeroplane. In my mind’s eye, I was with my mum in the van, and she just said that we now can fly too like it was no big deal. The first thing I thought when she told me was of all the place we can, now travel to and when we were in the air, the sky was clear, but then somehow, we ended in the sea. What surprised me that in my dream, I felt utterly at peace. This is a kind of dream that is rare for me to have, where I felt happy for ones.

In my opinion, I had that dream because currently, I’m feeling stuck in my life at the moment and it’s like my mind is telling me to do something about it for me to be happy in my life. Interesting is that when I have a nightmare, I dream of myself pre coming out feeling uncomfortable in my body and dying to chop my long hair. My psychologist that us the way my brain is trying to fight gender dysphoria.

The other type of nightmare I get is my boss yelling at me and then firing me from my day job. For the past year, I’ve been having a fitful sleep. So, if you can give me any tips on how to sleep better, please let me know in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Dreaming In My Sleep

  1. it doesn’t always work, but sometimes I have to take a deep breath and mentally push all my troubles away as I exhale…this can be done anytime, really. Imagine pushing all the troubles away while exhaling…
    I learned a long time ago, to mentally “sing” a song as I’m trying to go to sleep… what ever works for you, and it may sound silly, but I “sing” “You are my sunshine”. It’s short, repetitive… sometimes the trouble tries to creep back in, but I start the song back up. Nursery songs or kids songs seem to be the best go songs to “push troubles away” even temporarily…they’re happy, short, repetitive…
    Hope this helps…
    maybe I’ll do a post on this here soon..

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