The Try A Chapter Challenge with Historical Fiction

I’ve seen booktubers and book bloggers doing this challenge, and I thought that I would like to give a try too. So, I picked six historical fiction books that take place during World War II since this is the era; I enjoy reading more from this genre.

This challenge works this way; I’ll read the first chapter of each book and then comes the hard part. I have to change one to continue reading one of them. Based on my gut, title and cover the most two I would like are The Orphan Sisters by Shirley Dickson and The Beekeeper’s Promise by Fiona Valpy. (I don’t know if you noticed that I already can’t choose just one). Anyway, stay tuned because the tables might turn once, I read the first chapter of each.

My thoughts after reading The Orphan Sisters prologue:

It starts with the English government saying that the war just ended and Etty who I assume is one of the main characters hears a knock at the door which will take her mind to what just happened during the wartime.

The Orphan Sisters

My thoughts upon reading The Fortunate Ones prologue:

There is this officer that is writing this report for this particular prisoner in the camps because the man somehow can’t. The famous Dr Eichel piques my interest.

The Fortunate Ones

My first impression on The Child of Auschwitz:

From reading the first few pages of The Child of Auschwitz, I can gather that this book takes place in present-day and the past, which is one of my favourite tropes to read. When this woman finds this diary, which belonged to her ancestor, who was born in the war camp.

The Child of Auschwitz

Here are my thoughts when I read the first chapter of Beyond the Shadow of War:

We meet Anya, who I assume is one of the main characters is having a nightmare on her wedding day because what she went through is still haunting her.

Beyond the Shadow of War (The War Trilogy #2)

Thoughts on The Soldier’s Girl:

We meet Sibyl, who is free-falling from what I assume is a plane and waiting for her parachute to open she that she can leave her old life in the past. On the cover, it says ‘An English nurse. A German soldier. An unforgettable betrayal. So, I’m sensing a forbidden love situation.

The Soldier's Girl

Impressions on The Beekeeper’s Promise:

I have a feeling that this book takes place in the present and the past, which like I said before, it’s something I enjoy reading. What I feel is a bonus is that anything bees related seems to amazes me for some unknown reason.

The Beekeeper's Promise

So, which book did you guess I would want to read first? If you guessed The Child of Auschwitz, you were right. Let me know in the comments which from these books you want me to read and review?



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